16-18 March, 2018

9am - 5pm Everyday

ASB Showgrounds

Greenlane, Auckland


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Pack In & Pack Out


We are yet to update our Pack In and Pack Out procedures for the 2018 show. However, below are the details for the 2017 Pack In. 2018 will not be that far removed from this.


If you have any questions please give us a call.


Pack In

Exhibitor access to show halls on show days 17 - 19 March, 2017 is from 8am – 6pm.

Pack in day is Thursday 16 March 2017, 7am – 7pm (for all exhibitors – the exception being those who we will contact with a specific entry time).

In some cases it will be necessary (depending upon where your stand is located) to allocate specific times that you must have vehicles in place by on ‘Pack In’ Thursday. It is vital that these set times be adhered to, so we will personally contact those exhibitors affected to advise your ‘Pack In’ time and discuss the logistics involved.

We will once again offer a secure and dedicated parking area where you can leave you vehicles on Wednesday from 8am at the ASB Showgrounds. So vehicles are on site and ready to ‘Pack In’ on Thursday.

We thank you in advance for your assistance and hope you understand that establishing a ‘Pack In’ schedule (and sticking to it!) will ensure everyone will have time to build their stands to a high standard without congestion issues. Please contact your account manager if you would like further information.

All stands must be completed by 7pm, Thursday 16 March. If you require an extended build time please let us know.

Pack In for those in the Stop N Stay area is from 7am on Thursday the 16th of March (except for late builds).


Pack In for those in the Outside Area is from 7am on Thursday the 16th of March.


All stands must be completed by 7pm Thursday 16th March.


Download here Pack In pdf (Thursday 16th).

Download here the Designated Parking & Traffic Management Plan pdf to guide you where to park and unload.


Pack Out
No dismantling/packing out is possible before the show closes at 5.00pm on Sunday. After 5.30pm and the show halls are cleared of the public you will be able to pack out. 

Monday is the official pack out day but it is recommended you carry out valuable items (such as PC’s, TVs etc) to your car at the close of show on Sunday (after 5.00pm).


Download here Pack Out pdf (Monday 20th).